Top 5 Restaurants You Must Try in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that is full of good restaurants. The city is therefore a delight for people with a taste for finest gastronomy. Morever, it has a little bit of everything to offer making it suitable for people of different tastes.

Find out the 5 restaurants you must Try in Barcelona.


Cuisine: Modern Calant

The ABaC restaurant, firstly opened its doors in 2000 and changed to a biggABaCer location in 2008. The restaurant’s location is a newly constructed pavilion adjacent to the hotel’s gardens. The restaurant has a elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, with a soothing color scheme of whites and light cream tones. Gastronomy is fundamental in this restaurant that has been awarded with 2 Michelin stars. Moreover, they have also been nominated the best restaurant in Catalonia in the year of 2011 by the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy. Nevertheless,  ABaC can still be considered an intimate restaurant has it has a total capacity of 56 tables. This will ensure that your gastronomic experience is a relaxing one.


Cuisine: Contemporary GourmetAlkimia

Alkimia is known for turning exquisite ingredients into the most delicious meals. The restaurant is characterized by its minimalistics style and splendid offers in its menu. The food served at the restaurant are a product of the renowned chef Jordi Vila. He showcases the very best of Catalonia’s rich culinary tradition with a twist. Hence, making the restaurant’s menu is one that is highly creative and innovative.

Cinc SentitsCinc Sentits

Cuisine: Traditional Cuisine in a Modern Atmosphere

Cinc Sentis is considered a premier restaurant in the city of Barcelona. This restaurant is known within the city for its selection and use of the freshest ingredients from throughout Spain. The fish and seafood of this restaurant are always of the highest caliber and after the fish is caught it couriered directly to the city. Moreover, it offers a cross selection of the finest ingredients of Spain. Serving veal from Galicia, foie gras and duck from Bajo Empordán and butter from the area of the Pyrenees.


Cuisine: Classic CatalonianLasarte

Lasarte is a two star Michelin restaurant located in Hotel Condes. The restaurant is run by the extremely talented Martín Berasategui which is one of Europe’s most renowned chefs.The elegant decoration of the restaurant is combined with the exquisite food to create an amazing experience you will remember. The dining experience at this restaurant is one that will be very intimate, as they have just 35 spaces.


Cuisine: Modern and Classic

GaigGaig is an established presence in the city of Barcelona. The restaurant enjoys a long-standing reputation, of being a gastronomic superiority. Most of all the restaurant’s menu brings together tradition and innovation as it was visualized by the chef Carles Gaig.

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