Superyacht: George Lucian’s 140m concept Dare to Dream

Ever wondered how a yacht airship would look like? George Lucian has introduced his  140m Superyacht Airship Carrier Concept Dare to Dream.


George Lucian has introduced his  140m superyacht airship carrier concept Dare to Dream. The concept would target a visionary owner who would be equally passionate about yachting and flying, allowing him to dock the airship on his yacht. Beside all its amenities, the airship itself is able to accommodate a couple of guests, and host a saloon.

My concept is inspired by the yachting industry and military vessels design, but also from the fascination that I have for the beginning of the century zeppelins that were transporting passengers across the Atlantic in a luxury and romantic manner. – George Lucian


The Superyacht Concept Dare to Dream

There’s space on the yacht for an estimated 12 guests and 40 or more crew. It also has a facility for storing and producing helium to keep the airship in the air.

This airship is expected to be around 100m, and the yacht would measure 140m.

Superyacht Concept Dare to Dream 1

superyacht Concept Dare to Dream

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