Stop Your Search for Paradise, We Found it in Zakynthos

Deciding where to travel is always a difficult choice. Whether you want to go far, close, warm or cold, whatever you end up choosing, you can never go wrong by choosing to visit Zakynthos in Greece.


Zakynthos, Greece

Whatever your preference is in terms of holidays, all of them will be forgotten the moment you arrive at this small piece of heaven on earth.

The small hidden beaches, heaven blue waters, and wonderful sky blue caves will make you think you are in a completely another world, regardless how great your daily life is.



Nicknamed “To fioro tou Levante”, meaning the flower of the east, a name given by the Venetians who were once in possession of Zakynthos. This small island in Greece will put a smile on your face every day you wake up.


Explore the coastal line, take up scuba diving, and enjoy the tours to find the beautiful spots in and around the island, including the famous ship wreck,

Stay in one of the many luxury hotels, such as Porto Zante Villas & Spa, for a 5-star accommodation, but a truly 7-star experience. Soak up the culture by visiting the Byzantine Museum. Visit one the many wineries, or simply enjoy the watersports provided by the Hotel. There will be one guarantee: you’ll return with batteries fully charged, and with happy memories of being utterly fulfilled.


Book your wonderful stay at Porto Zante straight away.

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