Seaweed Pajamas for Emirates First Class Passengers


Emirates is one of the most luxurious airlines. It is known in the airline industry for its luxurious first class experience.Known for paying attention to all the details and pampering their passengers to the most.

They are now taking it a new level by providing their passengers with seaweed-infused pajamas.

Seaweed Pajamas

First of all the seaweed pajamas are aimed to provide the travellers with extra during their flight. In addition it should also give the passenger a better night of sleep when on board of the aircraft. Seaweed pajamas will be available for the passengers in the First Class cabin on overnight long haul flights. Emirates has created these pajamas in a partnership with Matrix, the pajamas make use of Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology. Most of all, it has been designed to keep the skin of the passenger hydrated during the flight.t 

Most noteworthy this technology makes use of billions of capsules that are applied to the fabric and gently releases naturally moisturising Sea Kelp during movement.

Sea Kelp is a brown seaweed that can normally be found in the Antarctic Ocean. It is known to be rich in nutrients that hydrate the skin all whiles retaining moisture.

This can be specially useful in an aircraft environment, as the air tends to be dry. The new introduced seaweed pajamas of Emirates should help its passengers to have a more comfortable experience. Moreover, it can be said that the airline is once again focusing on the small details and adding another great experience for their customers.

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