Restaurant Moon: Dining with Excellence

Restaurant Moon is a revolving restaurant that is located on the 19th floor of the A’dam Tower.  The location of this restaurant is amazing, as it rises high above the city’s landscape. Moreover, the restaurant is located on a platform that slowly rotates on its tall perch. This gives you the amazing opportunity to circle over the city and enjoy its views.

The restaurant opened in the spring of 2016 and has brought culinary excellence to the city of Amsterdam.

Haute Cuisine

Moon is a great example of haute cuisine in the city of Amsterdam. The restaurant’s signature chef Jaimie van Heije and chef de cuisine Tommy den Hartog are specialized in classical dishes with a modern twist. Moreover, they only make use of local seasonal ingredients that are carefully sourced. This completes the signature taste of the dishes served at Moon restaurant.

The restaurant offers a carefully selected five, six or seven-course tasting menu. Moreover, each of the menus begins with the restaurant’s signature liquid margarita “pearl”.

Restaurant Moon


In fact, restaurant Moon offers its guests with the ultimate fine dining experience.

The opening of the restaurant in the spring of 2016 has brought along a new dynamism to the city of Amsterdam. Restaurant Moon has brought culinary excellence to this Dutch city and gave a new face to haute cuisine.
You should not miss the opportunity to visit this amazing restaurant on your next trip to Amsterdam. Click here for reservations.

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