Inside a Hillside Home overlooking San Francisco Bay

Wondering about a house with a view in San Francisco?Axelrod Architects renovates a hillside home to enhance the view of San Francisco Bay.

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This House with a view is situated on a hillside overlooking Oakland and the San Francisco Bay.


On the ground floor, the firm replaced the wall opposite the entrance with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass sheets facing the bay. The house has a combined living/dining space and a deck made of blackened cedar. It also includes white walls and cabinets in the open living space.

The design

In an interview given to Dezeen, Axelrod Architects told: “We had to go with a dramatic and modern look for the interior to enhance the modern style of the design.”


The upper bedroom sits to the left of the entrance. A screen made of blackened oak slats creates a hallway to the bedroom along with the edge of the living space. On the other side of the screen, a staircase winds down to a master bedroom, a study and a master bathroom. Windows along the bedroom wall reveal the vista of the bay. An adjacent covered terrace offers a space to enjoy the scenery in the basement level.




Photos: Bruce Damonte.

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