High-Dining: 5 European Restaurants to Eat in 2017

According to highly accomplished eaters, these restaurants are which they find most interesting at the moment.

These five places are where these experts would recommend you to go, while in Europe.

The Dysart Petersham, London


Restaurant critic Andy Halyer, who claims to be the only person to have dined at every Michelin three-star in the world, recommends the Dysart as a hidden gem, thanks to its chef (Kenneth Culhane), off-the-beaten-track location and quality cooking. The standard of cooking is extremely high. In these days of overhyped central London openings, it is great to find a place quietly turning out lovely food.”


The Cellar, Anstruther, Scotland


The chef (Billy Boyter) at this longtime restaurant has been operating for two years with just one person helping him, and he’s already won a deserved Michelin star, notes Hayler – according to an interview given to forbes. In his recent review, he summarized the best dishes (crab with heritage carrots, hand-dived scallop with duck ham and kohlrabi) and the small, relaxed dining room’s charms: Overall, the Cellar “was a most enjoyable experience.”

Bros,’ Puglia, Italy


“Floriano and Giovanni Pellegrino have done what many young chefs do these days—they’ve wandered the culinary world, doing stages everywhere from Noma to Martin Berastegui in northern Spain,” says Goulding. At Bros’, “they’ve synthesized their diverse experiences and filtered them through the ingredients and traditions of their native Puglia to create one of Italy’s most ambitious and important young restaurants. Everything they serve is smart, mature and deeply delicious. Linguine with pistachio butter and colatura (Italian fish sauce) is the best dish I’ve eaten all year.”- according to these experts.

La Nave de Sake, Barcelona


“This is a very cool concept that will continue to evolve,” says Goulding.

According to Goulding, La Nave de Sake is a truly unique dining experience. Run by Argentine chef Sebastian Mazzola.

Mazzola is a master technician capable of concentrating outrageous amounts of flavor and texture into tiny packages, which he rolls out in nightly tasting menus matched to Villarico’s collection of rare and esoteric sakes. It’s less a formal restaurant than one of the world’s greatest dinner parties thrown for locals and out-of-towners alike.”


AOC—Aarø & Co, Copenhagen


According to Brask Thomsen, who has represented the restaurant for several years, chef Søren Selin creates “artistic and playful menus while always maintaining a high comfort and yumminess that keeps your palate safe,” and champion sommelier Christian Aarø’s superior knowledge of wines results in “tantalizing flights that embraces the old, young, conservative, edgy, conventional and organic wines in great storytelling.”

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