This Giant Golden Egg in Sweden Is a Luxury Sauna

Developed by art duo Bigert & Bergstrom, this sauna shaped like a giant egg might be a good reason to enjoy a Nordic sauna experience.


Giant Golden Egg

The egg is made out of stainless golden mirror sheeting, its multifaceted form breaking up the surroundings that it reflects into a multiplicity of different mirror images.


The Giant Golden Egg

The egg’s interior has the wall panels and floor decking made out of pine and the bench of aspen. In the centre of the egg stand the wood-heated, heart-shaped sauna stove made out of iron and stone. The temperature inside the egg varies between 75° and 85° Celsius.




The egg is now in Paris, in the Swedish Institute, to promote the Swedish design, architecture, and fashion in France.




From November 15 until December 10, tourists and Parisians can visit the egg.

The event website encourages visitors to “put on your swimsuit and get warm next to a fire fed by a giant heart before cooling off outdoors in the garden.”

After the Solar Egg exhibition in Paris closes, the egg will head back home to Kiruna.

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