Experimenting with New Societies in Floating Cities

Ever imagine yourself living in a self-sufficient floating city outside of national borders? Soon it might be possible.


The Seasteading Institute has plans to build “start-up countries” at sea (seasteads), that offer greater freedom for innovation in technology, science, and politics.

The company goal is to develop open spaces for experimenting with new societies in order to ” test new ideas for how to live together”.

The company believes that building floating cities will offer an alternative to conventional models of governance, with few regulations.

Would any government agree with this?

Yes. The government of French Polynesia has already signed an agreement with The Seasteading Institute to cooperate on the creation of a pilot city in a lagoon near Tahiti.

The test city, the Floating City Project, will act as a proof-of-concept for the organization’s plan to build further settlements at sea.


The Seasteading Institute plans to build the city using existing floating architecture technology developed by a Dutch engineering firm Deltasync.

It is expected that between 250 and 300 people will live aboard the settlement. The development of the city is expected to begin in early 2018.

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