Envoy Hotel: Meet the Igloos

Winter in Boston can be very cold. Making rooftops impossible to enjoy during the cold winter months. However, the Envoy Hotel in Boston has found a perfect solution. The Hotel has created a seasonally appropriated approach to let people enjoy the amazing view. The Hotel constructed “igloos” at their Lookout Rooftop and bar. These offer the visitors the opportunity to enjoy the view whiles sitting in heated igloos.

The hotel has decided to make use of igloos constructions, which obviously are not made out of real ice.Instead, these comfortable constructions are built from lit-up plastic panels with heated interiors that will keep you warm during the cold days.

The constructions also offer a unique service, you will be able to order your cocktails by pressing a button for service.

The rooftop has a total of six of these constructions. You can enjoy the Igloos on the rooftop on a first come first serve base. Guests can reserve the Igloos to host their private events as well. This might just be a great solution to make your winter events more fun during the cold winter months in Boston. Each of this igloos constructions seats around 8 to 10 people at a time and is open during the weekends. This is the perfect solution to enjoy the amazing panoramic views of the Boston Skyline if visiting during the winter.


Envoy Hotel Igloos 1

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